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Body Swing Connection – Why a Fitness Program?

Body Swing Connection – Why a Fitness Program?

Neck Rotation

When you make a turn into the backswing, your chin has to be essentially touching your collarbone.
Often, a lack of Neck Rotation will be exhibited by lower back pain caused by arching the back to get into that position over the golf ball.
In an attempt to stay connected to your collar bone while rotating, you will move side to side or stand up, falsely creating the illusion of rotation.
Neither compensations are good for consistent ball striking.

Torso Rotation

Backswing turn, loading the back leg, how much separation and how you can get through the ball on the follow through are all dependent on Torso Rotation.
Firstly, higher level golfers turn 30-35 degrees in their hip and another 60 degrees in their trunk when they come through the ball.
If you can’t rotate in your torso, you will swing from the arms, lift them high and sway out to the side. This does not result in solid ball contact.
Secondly, when you are upper body driven, you swing across the ball and a slice is the result.
Lastly, on the follow through, the belt buckle will be short of the target, instead of rotating all the way around to face the target.
The resulting swing is short, and often bottoms out early.

Shoulder Rotation

As the club goes back you need to be able to rotate the right arm back beyond spine angle.
Firstly, improper Shoulder Rotation is seen as a chicken wing or flying elbow, steep take away and not on plane.
Secondly, as you come down, the arm needs to be tucked in which is external rotation and allows you to swing down the slot and through the ball. Chicken wing on the follow through is evidence of improper Shoulder Rotation with the left arm.
Lastly, repeated use of this pattern can result in wrist and elbow issues.
The shoulder blades and upper body need to be controlled…they are your second “core”.

Hip Rotation

Can be improved the quickest.
Hip Rotation on the backswing should be 30-35 degrees.
Firstly, limitation will cause a slide or sway or standing up out of posture. If you can’t rotate, you can’t fire your hips and delay the driving with your upper body.
Secondly, delay of driving with the upper body results in using the ground poorly. We generate power for our golf swing from the ground.
Lastly, if your lead Hip Rotation is limited (left leg in a right handed golfer) as you come down, the lack of ability to rotate will cause the likely hood of back pain.
Therefore, the likely hood of a back injury is elevated.

Often, 2-4 weeks of recovery is what is recommended if you injure your back.

IF you live in most places in Canada, that is 25% of your golf season.


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