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Components of a Fitness Program

What’s in a good fitness program?

There are many elements in a good fitness program.

A few examples are:
1) You must identify your goal
2) You must create a plan to achieve your goal
3) You need to have a deadline for when you will get it done
4) You need to find your accountability partner

Firstly, the important thing is that you have a goal.
You have something to work towards.
Baby steps work well in a fitness program.
Take apart the mountain one rock (or pebble) at a time.

Your goal might be:

~hitting the ball 10 more yards
~losing 10 pounds
~gaining 5 pounds of muscle
~following a nutritional health plan
~sleeping 7-8 hours a night

Often, the first stumbling block is our mindset.

We sabotage ourselves before we even get out of the gate. Stop comparing yourself to someone else, quit imagining what other people will think. Setting goals that are so lofty they are unattainable, is the foundation for negative self-talk. 

We are all unique individuals and what works for you is not the same as what works for me. So why compare?

Once you have a goal, you need a plan with action steps.

Those steps might involve hiring a coach. I know a lot of plumbers that have leaky taps in their own homes. Likewise, for those of us that create their own workout programs.

Now, commit to the process. It isn’t going to happen overnight. There is no magic pill. We are all unique and different. Your fitness program and path to success is unique as well. 

Research has shown us that the 1.5-hour gym workouts are a thing of the past. Modern wellness routines are efficient and realistic.

It is all well and good to define your goal and make your plan. Now, you need to set a deadline. This will be included in your program. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. No procrastination here!

Lastly, we need to mention accountability.

It has been proven that if we write down our goal, we are more successful.  Next, ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner. Some days you just need a kick in the butt. 

Be kind to yourself. Be realistic. Believe You are worth it. Yes, You are worth it. You are enough. You can do it. And who cares what anyone else thinks? 


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