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Hole-in-One Nutrition

Let me present the Book of the Month – “Hole-in-One Nutrition” A guide to fueling better golf. Authour: Robert Yang, M.S., C.N., C.S.C.S. with Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., C.P.P.S.

Have you ever experience that feeling of “running out of gas” on the back nine? I know that feeling. If I haven’t eaten enough, it happens to me around the 15-16th hole. Did you know that by eating proteins, fats, and fibre before, during and after your round, you could keep your blood sugar level, your body energized, and your brain thinking clearly!? Keep reading, and you will find out how ☺

What if I told you that dropping strokes from your score could be accomplished as simply as eating correctly, using proper hydration, following an on-course nutrition plan, and getting enough rest (sleep)?

Recipes, diet plans and on course nutrition.

The book I am recommending this month will answer all of those questions and provide you with examples of why and why not to eat a balanced diet. It contains recipes, diet plans, and on course nutrition.

“When it comes to optimizing a player’s nutrition, Robert Yang is the best in the business. Proper hydration, food intake and supplements are all part of improving a player’s performance on and off the course. Robert’s book, “Hole in One Nutrition” is a must resource for anyone trying to improve their health and their game. — Greg Rose D.C. Co-Founder of the Titleist Performance Institute”

Like any golfer, you’ll try anything to lower your handicap. Tweak your swing. Buy the latest and greatest driver. Pay for lessons with the best golf coaches. However, the one thing you’ve never tried is the simplest performance-enhancer of all. It doesn’t require dedicating extra time on the driving range or putting green.

You haven’t tried nutrition.

Hole-in-One Nutrition shows golfers how to eat to hit and play longer. It’s based on a simple Hole-in-One nutrition pyramid that emphasizes hydration, whole foods, and supplements.

This step by step guide to playing better golf teaches:

  1. How hydration will improve your focus and concentration but more importantly increase your distance off the tee
  2. How flat-lining your blood sugar is the key to long-lasting energy on the course
  3. How 5 essential supplements will increase longevity and yards on the golf course

Bonus Content!

Listen to Kaitlyn Pimentel host Robert Yang, author of “Hole-in-one Nutrition” on the:
Felix Fortis Women’s Golf Fitness Podcast


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