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How do I get Started?

How do I get Started?

…A five-minute dance is better than doing nothing!


One of the questions I am often asked, is “How long do I have to work out for it to be beneficial?”

My response? “A five minute dance to a song on the radio is better than nothing!”

When people are new to workout world, the thought that hours in the gym are going to accomplish their goal is overwhelming.

I try to impress upon my clients, that it is quality not quantity that will get them to their goal. That consistency is key. Showing up, and doing “the work”, one step at a time is the secret to the formula.

I believe that articles, advertisements and the media have misled the general population. “No pain, no gain” and “an hour in the gym a day will get you to your goal” is so incorrect. How many of you have 15-20 minutes? Maybe even 30 minutes? Take that time and couple it with some proper nutrition…I guarantee you will reach your goal. Strong words eh? Top it all off with my secret sauce…CONSISTENCY.

That is it. Simple. Easy to understand. Extremely doable.

So, get started. Turn on the radio. Dance to one song.
It is more than you would have done if you hadn’t gotten off the couch.



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