K.F.     Heather,I consider you to be my inspiration!
I went through three plus years of injuries, surgeries and rehab. The program Heather designed for my pre-op was invaluable. The exercises she gave me post-op were again, top notch. I still do them today.
Heather is a very supportive, reliable “coach” who lives what she shares with us. I don’t think I’ve thanked her enough for the support she has provided for me. Never negative, and always encouraging and supportive.  

Regarding “A day at Tobiano” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, from warm-ups, practice, playing, snacks, course management, etc.
Many thanks go to you, Heather. Won Senior Club Championship this weekend due in large part to our day spent together. Your tips and observations really helped me. Thank you, thank you.”

You had a very organized agenda to cover off the program, and I especially liked that you incorporated what I had identified (upon your request before our day together) as needs that I wanted to be included in your plans.
…Throughout our day together, you made me feel that it was very much about my needs and wants and providing the yummy, nutritious snack was such a lovely touch that made me feel very special.

I feel very fortunate to have benefitted from your teachings, and it’s been a great bonus to have you as a friend. Thank you!

You are a very perceptive teacher, a caring teacher, and a terrific mentor. I found your assessment of body flexibility in relation to a golf swing, especially as we age, very helpful.
Thank you,

You have a very lovely, fun approach, and rather than being very serious you allowed me to laugh at myself, but at the same time, the point was taken.
You provided some healthy snacks along with a handout on healthy foods choices.
You were very prompt in providing me follow-up a few days later, showing the results of the testing. And you also sent a link to your warm-up video which I found very useful.
All in all, I felt it was a fantastic opportunity and, I highly recommended it to my fellow golfers.
I would love to do it again.


Anita B.
“Heather came to my home in mid-November 2015 and performed a TPI assessment. Then she provided me with workouts that were specific for my individual golf needs. I progressed through these workouts until we left for Arizona in January.
Although I did not do any of the workouts while in Arizona, I did perform the range exercises that she provided me with while practicing on the range 2 or 3 times a week. I also golfed 3 times a week for the 10 weeks that we were in Arizona. My handicap index went from 13.4 to 9.0 in less than 3 months! I shot a 78 at my home course (Eaglepoint Golf Resort) yesterday, something that I have only done once before, and the season is still young.
Heather is always very positive and encouraging and her upbeat attitude is infectious. She is professional in her approach to coaching, but is able to relate on a personal level as well. I am looking forward to continued improvement with Heather’s help and guidance.”   –

Ben Stafford
…”Just wanted to thank you for the Golf Assessment today, it was great and I learned a lot. I think a lot of golfers can benefit from it. Cheers!”

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