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Increase your Clubhead Speed and Hit it Farther

Increasing your clubhead and swing speed and hitting it farther, is about getting your body to move faster, through neurological training, during a movement your body already knows how to do. There are physical fitness and strength aspects to swinging the club more quickly, but all things being equal, the key to increasing your swing speed may, in fact, lie right between your ears. Yes, training your brain!

The typical male golfer doesn’t drive the ball more than 225 yards. A lot of it has to do with their inability to generate enough clubhead speed. Most recreational golfers are sitting all day at work and not doing enough physically to help reverse that trend, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can’t just decide you want to increase your clubhead speed though, you need a plan. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with one. It is called Overspeed training, and it was developed by SuperSpeed golf owners and partners, Mike Napoleon and Kyle Shay.

It involves swinging three weighted shafts as aggressively as you can to prove to your neurological systems that your body can move that fast. This is the brain training I was talking about. 

A nearly universal truth in golf is that everyone wants to hit the ball farther. The easiest way to do that – at least on paper – is to swing faster. That’s easier said than done for sure, but the SuperSpeed system promises to train your brain to allow your body to swing faster. 

How is it done?

How does swinging faster get the ball to go farther? Well, DJ is swinging his driver around 130 MPH, Tour Average is about 113 MPH, and Amateur Golfers clock in around 85-90 MPH.  And for what it’s worth, 1 mph increase in swing speed equals 2.6 yards more distance. The system is widely used by PGA/LPGA and European Tour professionals. There are case studies that suggest it works. Actual mileage may vary, but if you’re looking to gain distance, SuperSpeed may be your best option.

But does it work?

Another fair question. SuperSpeed Golf is finding its way into the bags of dozens of Tour pros, including Phil Mickelson, Graeme McDowell, Xander Schauffele and Kevin Na, as well as dozens of Champions,, LPGA and Symetra Tour players.

Phil Mickelson has been on record that he has been working out with the help of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) since 2003. He credits his regimen for helping lengthen his career and keeping him mostly injury free.

At 48 years old, Phil Mickelson should be entering the twilight of his PGA Tour career. Younger players are starting to dominate the game with their explosive power and athleticism. Lefty refuses to give in though; he’s already won once in 2019 and came very close to securing two victories.

Increase in Driving Distance

One of the big storylines is Phil’s driving distance. In 2019 he has seen a massive spike in clubhead speed, and it has a lot of golfers scratching their heads. Phil has never been a physical specimen, and over the last several seasons he has been losing ground off the tee. But this year he finds himself in the top 25 in driving distance and improved dramatically in the strokes gained off-the-tee category. He has been using SuperSpeed training since May of 2017.

“A lot of guys get so much more joy out of playing golf,” says Shay. “They’re not struggling, they’re hitting it past their buddies. It’s gratifying to see guys that have lost some club speed over the years, your 50+ golfer, getting some of that speed back. Now it’s two clubs less into greens, or they’re not hitting hybrids into every par 4, or they don’t have to move up a tee box. We hear it all the time.”

My experience with Superspeed golf…

There are physical fitness and strength aspects to swinging the club faster, but all things being equal, the key to increasing your swing speed may, in fact, lie right between your ears. Yes, by training your brain ☺

To quote Dr. Tom House, “You can only accelerate as fast as you can decelerate,” so in a golf swing when you get past impact into follow-through, you have to stabilize into that left hip/left leg. Why? So you can stop the pelvis and stop the swing. The better we can post or stabilize into that lead side, the better we can create clubhead speed.”

The training protocol of the SuperSpeed system does just this. Swinging on our non-dominant side (the left side for right-handed golfers and vice versa), increases muscle activation, improves lead side stability and aids in injury prevention.

If you missed the blog post about the importance of working both sides of your body, here is the link for your reading pleasure 🙂

Excellent Side benefits 🙂

Age doesn’t matter. It’s never too late to start working on your body. If golf is an integral part of your life and you want to prevent those nagging injuries and hit the ball a bit farther to show off to your friends, these kinds of workouts can help. 

Also, if you’re not currently doing any sort of physical activity, you’ll get a few excellent side benefits – controlling your weight, combatting health conditions like heart disease, improving your mood, and increasing your overall energy level, and mental health.

My body feels more flexible and powerful. Most importantly, my swing mechanics feel no different. And yes, I am getting faster=farther!

Remember? This is about getting your body to move faster, through neurological training, during a movement your body already knows how to do.

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  • Sharon

    I know how fitness can help and also that you can improve your game at any age. With these blogs you realize that it is not just the desire to hit it farther there is a lot more too it. Sometimes you just have to try a few things out there that are a bit strange. It was very strange to have a golf trainer but I am really pleased with the results.

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