I Should Drink Water and How it Helps
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You Should Drink Water and Why it Helps.

How Much Water Should I Drink and Why?

I am often amazed by the amount of water a golfer doesn’t drink. Your body uses water to function properly.

The body is made up of 70% water. The brain is made up of 85% water. If you stopped eating you could probably survive for three weeks, but if you don’t drink water you can only survive for two to three days.

Therefore, we need to replace or replenish that store daily. On average, that amount is 2-3 liters per day. Yes, you heard me correctly 2-3 liters. So, how much is that exactly? Since it varies per person, you can figure it out this way: 

1)    Take your body weight and divide it in two

2)     The number you get is the number of ounces you need per day,

i.e. I weigh 130 lbs. divided by 2= 65  ounces or eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day

This amount can fluctuate based on the level of activity and the temperature and humidity you are in. So, in the summer when you are playing 18 holes in the sun….add more!

I Should Drink Water and Why it Helps

Why water? 

Proper hydration will also help you:

We all want to play better, enjoy a pain-free round, have energy at the end and be able to add up our scorecard. Drinking adequate water during your round helps you do all of these and more.

-make better decisions on the course (being dehydrated by 2% can affect your cognitive function). 

-understand distance and depth perception

-deal with stress on and off the course

Careless mistakes and misjudged putts and wrong club choices can all be attributed to lack of proper hydration.


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  • Marian Gorsline

    Than you Heather for posting the article on the importance of drinking water. I needed this reminder as I have a difficult time taking in enough water and am still woefully short of what is recommended daily in the article. I’m going to challenge myself to get with the program on this starting today!

    • Heather

      Hi Marian!
      Well done on accepting the challenge! I find that if I fill a few water bottles with the total amount I need during the day, it helps me keep track of how much I have had and gives me visual reminders.
      I have no doubt you are going to rock this challenge! I will be checking in with you 🙂

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